Andres Acevedo

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Andres Acevedo

Born in 1984, Andres Acevedo is a DJ and producer based in New York City.

Andres’ creativity and uniqueness shows in his music. He integrates various musical elements and fresh rhythms to his blends of tech-house and techno music. Whenever Andres’ plays, he believes in giving something fresh, unique, exciting, and very different to the audience. He is not a fan of following mainstream music, his direct approach and energy has taken him to such respected spaces as Pacha NYC, Pure, Glo, Dream, and Soel. He has developed a style and sound that people are getting to know and follow more and more.

Such style has given him the opportunity to play along side famous DJs such as Mario Ochoa, Peter Bailey, Chris Vargas. Andres’ straight forward attitude and contagious energy transcends to the dance floor, bringing a creative flair and always having something new to say.