Hadar Salan

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Hadar Salan

Hadar Salan is the aka behind an artist that has a strong passion for electronic music.

Originally from the city of Lima, he emerges from south america, passing a few years living in the US. There, he acquires a taste for old school hip-hop and his passion for collecting music began. It wasn’t until attending his first big parties that he starts to dive deeper into music creation, and has his first glimpse into beat making. Years later and after several re-locations, he takes on music production with a more serious approach and a deeper sense of connection with the music. His main focus is creating music with no hype, allowing him to focus more on the content.

Currently, he is located in Barcelona, a city where he gets his inspiration from, spending much of his time working in the studio. He is constantly evolving and refining his sound, looking for new ways of doing things, whether it be through analogue equipment or strange field recordings. His style behind the decks fluctuates from tech house to techno, minimal, micro and classic house combined in a seamless manner.This versatility as a dj, makes him well suited for different enviroments, whether warming up the dancefloor or getting people up on their feet in the afterhours. His format of choice is vinyl.

His productions are characterized by raw elements that always keep the groove going. Effective minimalistic sounds that work in every situation. Expect to hear lots more from this emerging talent this coming year.

From the label:

We welcome Hadar Salan to Monophonic Records with his debut release of Early Reflections EP. Remix duties come from a rising artist from the Ukraine, Yaroslav Lenzyak, the Peruvian maestro Kike Mayor, the Swiss duo Bonny & Clyde and the States side Ruslan.

Release Date: November 26th, 2015