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Matuss made her mark by being one of the most talented and sought-after djs in all of Ukraine. What is unique about Matuss is that unlike most female djs; she isn’t just eye candy, she is consumed by music and the results of her obsession are projected onto audiences when she performs.

“I get goose bumps when I hear good music. I think that’s a good indication that the people will love the track. If it does something to me emotionally, whether good or bad, it will move the dance floor, believe me, I’m hard on music.”

Collaborations with Topspin on the singles, “Modena” and “Deep Inside,” resulted in several Beatport top 20 rankings. Top-ranking djs, such as Armin Van Buuren, Mark Knight, Anthony Pappa and Manuel de la Mare, have showed their support for these tracks and play them in their sets.

“All three tracks are really good. My favorite is the “Flippers Remix,” and I will play this out. Thanks. Pappa.”

Her latest release, “Vibratelekom: Volume 4” (Compiled by Andy Fink and Matuss) featured Max Bett, “Good Morning Baby” (Andy Fink and Matuss ‘Vibra Macz’ Edit) and was met with the support by Chloe Harris, Roger Sanchez, Feygin, John Selway, Erick Morillo/Manny Zelaya, Michel de Hey, Scumfrog, Simi, Brassard & Kili, Coyu, GgDex, JP Chronic, Krummstoff, Matan Caspi, Outstrip, Sebastian Lintz, Eamon RTE Radio, FOG, Hermanez, Sezer Uysal, Steve Parry/Chris Lake, Stonebridge, Tapesh, The Junkies, Wally Lopez/Luis Bias, Mark Knight/Wesley S., Alan Fitzpatrick, Aleks Patz, AMDJS, Dj Aleksij, In House We Trust Radio Show, Mark de Pulse, Marco Carola, Mihalis Safras, Matteo DiMarr and more.

Matuss discovered music at a very young age; she was only six years old when she began her lessons in the piano and saxophone,
“I was six years old and I passed by this building and I heard music. I wandered in and accidentally bumped into this large woman’s knees. She laughed then took me on a tour of the building, after she was done showing me around, she simply asked me when I wanted to start; and that’s how it all happened.”

After finishing school, Matuss traveled the world discovering electronic music where she learned from the best, including Junior Vasquez, Armand Van Helden and David Guetta. It was actually during a conversation with Louis Botella that she decided to take his advise and learn how to dj.

“Botella asked me what kind of music I liked, when I told him, he was surprised to hear the dj names that I mentioned. I guess he thought I was going to spout off a bunch of pop names. I also told him that I play instruments and that I’m obsessed with music. He said there was no reason I shouldn’t be making it myself.”

The next day she bought all the dj equipment she could afford, placed it on the floor of her unfurnished apartment and began learning how to dj.

Quickly, Matuss started traveling the world djing at clubs in Luxembourg, Switzerland, France and Italy as well as holding a residency in “Bliss” St. Martin. Gaining momentum, word about this young talent began to spread and she soon found herself opening for headliners like Danny Tenaglia, James Zabiela and Deep Dish, amongst other household names.

These days, Matuss is based in Los Angeles, CA where she holds a permanent residency at “Back in the USSR,” in Avalon; one of the world’s most popular clubs as well as an exclusive residency with Radio FG USA. Radio FG is the #1 Dj Radio Worldwide and boasts residencies from Bob Sinclair, Carl Cox, Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren. Matuss can also be found expanding her fan base at LA hotspots such as Playhouse, Exchange LA and The Standard, amongst many other nightclubs. One of her latest projects involves integrating electronic music with an all out burlesque-style production and live melodies from a variety of instruments, such as the violin, saxophone, drums and piano. Outrageously outfitted and beautiful dancers called Rockachic groove to Matuss as she plays alongside violinist, Rachel Grace; all three factor seamlessly and merge together to bring an unforgettable audio and visual experience.

When she is not captivating audiences with her eclectic sound and production, you can find her enthralled in the studio, her blatant obsession with music not bothersome to her one bit.
“I think the goal and what I was made for in this world is to just make people as happy as I can; through my music, they can be a part of something and we share a moment in time. Every time I perform, every gig I play, I like to think that I leave a part of myself with every person, that each of them has left with a part of my soul, because my soul is my music.”