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Techoumin, born in Barcelona on 08/12/1987, acquired his passion for music at the early age of 15. His sound heard in nationwide clubs, as Florida 135, Privilege Barcelona, ​​La Cova Forest Club, ElRow, among other events of the city.

He has also shared the stage with DJ’s including John Acquaviva, Lee Van Dowski, 2 many DJ’s, Paul Mac, Max Bett and others. His sets are full of different styles, from Deep House to minimal, with touches of tech-house, especially with a lot of groove and hard sounds. It is characterized by sounds of stylish genre, tech-house with mostly percussion driven sounds.

Nano, also born in Barcelona on 28/05/1985, became interested in electronic music at the tender age of 14, when he acquired his first vinyl.

Along the way and over time, he opted for the style Deep House, Tech-House utilizing organic and tribal sounds. His commitment and dedication lead to playing in prestiges clubs as Florida 135, KGB, La Cova, Row 14, ElRow. He has shared the stage with DJ’s like John Aquaviva, Lee Van Dowski, Cesar Fauss, Rino Cerrone, Paul Mac and others.

His production and DJ inspirations like Andrea Oliva, The Martinez Brothers, Butch, Matthias Tanzmann, Davide Squillace …

In 2012 the two joined forces as the N2Brothers to mix their styles and to innovate their sound …

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