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MON024 – Bonny & Clyde – Kids n Candy | incl. remixes from Fred Hush & Pazkal

Artist: Bonny & Clyde
Title: Kids n Candy

1. Kids n Candy (Original Mix)
2. Kids n Candy (Fred Hush New York Mix)
3. Kids n Candy (Pazkal Remix)

Catalog #: MON024
Format: Digital
Release Date: 19th February 2015
(Beatport 2 week digital exclusive)

Bonny & Clyde - Kids n Candy

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The Release

Bonny & Clyde bring the tasty treats with this 2015 Monophonic Records triple pack. Kids n Candy serves up the bouncy bass, swirled with sugar rush synths and a sweetly teasing sax.

The rinsed-out Pazkal remix sports the deep house treatment with some influences of UK garage, while the slow-burning Fred Hush mix rides a monster build straight to the heart of the NYC underground. Chew on that for a while.

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About The Artist

Bonny & Clyde

Bonny & Clyde

Hailing from the hills of Zurich, Switzerland, Stefanie Frei & Dario De Siena a.k.a. Bonny & Clyde started their DJ duo in the electronic dance scene in 2011. Sharing a common vision, Bonny & Clyde have a passion for love and honesty paired with their ambition of joint creation. Continuously reinventing themselves, Bonny & Clyde are on a quest to unveil something new, rather than treading on exhausted grounds.

Countless hours are spent developing new, creative chapters; not only in terms of musical discoveries, but through the creation of new connections within daily life and discovering innovative modulations that lead to a new style. Thus their sound, mainly Tech-House and Deep House, comes along in a much more sensitive and intense way, combined with melodious, almost pop-like elements that go straight to the heart.

As active members of the Swiss clubbing movement, they are discovering the warm welcome of other underground scenes, New York City above all. Their productive path has already been discovered by Monophonic Records, 9000 Audio Records, and Mothlab Recordings.



Download » Bonny & Clyde – Reflection Of Soul Podcast

About The Remixers

Fred Hush

Fred Hush

Fred Hush (France, Belgium) started Dj’ing at the age of 14 years old with a Teac cassette deck, a mix table without any buttons and a Sanyo turntable. At the age of 21 (year 2003) Fred Hush started his residency @ the famous H²o Club (Belgium) white room – to play sets from 23u till 08 o clock in the morning every Friday for 9 years.

Now that Fred Hush is an established dj his schedule consists of playing other guest bookings in Belgium like Deca Dance, Fuse, Café D’anvers, Rêve d’o, Le YOU, Culture Club, La Rocca, 10daysoff Festival, Feest in Het Park and several other gig’s.. Along with managing his proper parties in Belgium – the very successful ‘King Kong Club @ concert studio ‘De Kreun’, and being the resident @ Magazine Club (France) Fred also finds time to produce.

Over the long years Fred Hush has formed himself as a talented producer with the help from legendary 90’s producer/mentor Bruno Quartier (B.B.E. – massive hit “Seven Days and One Week” & Superhit “Open Your Eyes” ATV People).

Fred Hush released on legendary labels like Relief Records (Green Velvet), Sonar Kollektiv (Berlin), Rushhour Recordings (Amsterdam) Kill the DJ & Courtoisi (Paris) Circle Music & Plastic City Records (Germany) Surbeats Records (Uruguay) Hell Yeah Records (Italy) Mostiko Records, Pacha Recordings, The Palm Beach, Idol Hanse (azari & III)…

Fred Hush has hit the Beatport charts @ number 15 with his release “A Joke That Kills” on Green Velvet’s Relief records.

In 2015 Fred Hush also joins the Monophonic Records gang with an upcoming remix of Bonny & Clyde – Kids n Candy along with future plans for original release on Monophonic Records. Be sure to preview the slow-burning Fred Hush remix of Kids n Candy that rides a monster build straight to the heart of the New York underground.





Pazkal was fascinated with music from a very young age, already when he was a little boy he sat on his bed, armed with a torch and his radio-tape-recorder, hidden under his blanket, and created his very own play list, recorded from the local radio station. The big talk before and after every song, performed by the radio DJ’s of these times as well as the unbearable breaks between each song were simply unacceptable for him. The way the DJ’s of these days presented their hit collections could not convince this young fellow.

There must be more, thought the teenager and yes there was more; the world could not ignore what came across the ocean from the wild wild west. Hip-Hop and the movie “Wild Style” revolutionized the music scene around the world.
Black DJ’s were working with black vinyl; they were scratching and spinning the turn tables forwards and backwards. Daddy’s eyes would have popped out if someone would have done that to his Elvis Presley records. For Pazkal it wasn’t a question of taste it was the question about the meaning of life. Grandmaster Flash became the enlightening grand master which he had to follow from then on.

To retain the domestic peace, Pazkal’s parents had no other choice but buying the first set of turntables and mixer for their pupil. This was an adventure on its own as old Europe was not ready for the change in the music scene yet. It was nearly impossible to find shops for such equipment. Only after a long odyssey through Germany they made their way home to little Switzerland, with a trunk full of DJ equipment.

The first steps in mixing happened in the locked up room where he was polishing his skills, mixing and scratching 100 times the same tracks until his irritated father switched off the fuses. These fatal reactions lead to very unwanted breaks and for sure not to a peaceful get together afterwards.

His very own bedroom was the place where it begun and where the grooving grew. It was where the real life happened and where his friends met and where the mixing, scratching and lifting off took place.

In the very early 90’s something entirely new appeared on the music horizon, not just the music was the center, also the people, their cloths and costumes and of course the locations with the parties. This was the time when techno parties reached the heart of Europe. This kind of music went beyond everything existing, the whole night, nearly endless, one track mixed seamless into the next, and a crowd who could not get enough. From now on Pazkal bought house music records only, forget about the scratching rappers – DJ’s like Willow, mixing with up to four turntables at once, that was fascinating. He observed passionate and for quite some time how the House and Techno DJ’s were pumping into the sweating, screaming and dancing crowd. Pazkal went home and he knew that’s what he wants, he turned what he has seen into his own style. That’s how everything begun.

While touring through record stores he met other DJ’s and was booked soon as resident DJ for the legendary House Café parties, a series of illegal underground parties in a basement of an industrial building. His sound was different and he found his talent to move the crowds, he learned very early being a DJ is not just about playing the music, it is entertainment, feeling the mood of the crowd and playing the right track at the right time.

The next stages of his DJ career were bookings in the most prestigious clubs all over Switzerland. Kaufleuten, Sensor and OXA were the clubs which attracted party people from the entire country. But that was not enough, being a DJ is one thing but organizing events in the very own club was the next target. A dream came true and in the year 1999, the ECHO Club in Basel opened its doors. With the club, the success was not to stop anymore and he was booked for all major events and played his sets along side with the superstars and producers from UK and the States.

Events like the Goliath, Streetparade, Sonic, Comet of House, Groove-Lift, Pump it up Live und Delirium. Countries like Germany, France, Spain, Turkey and UK were stations in his very busy DJ life.

After some time, Basel as his home town became too small and he moved to Zurich where he started the label FreakBoutique. Zurich was ready for the freaky show of the DJ Duo Pazkal & Juiceppe, a mix of drag queen show, dance animation crew and irresistible sound. A blend of Minimal- Deep- and Tek was exactly what the scene was waiting for.

As a logic development and next step Pazkal wanted to produce his own music. The first productions under FreakBoutique and Pazkal were released and distributed by Labels like RodeoAudio, Universal, GF Recordings und Colludo. His tracks were licensed on various compilations such as Kaufleuten Sellection, OXA-Minimal, Budenzauber, TechHouse Vol.3 and many more. In a new Project he works together with “Der kleine Italiener” under the synonym AIROBIQUE. The first singles “Alchemist” and “Connector” will release soon. Watch out..

In 2015 Pazkal is welcomed to Monophonic Records with an upcoming remix of Bonny & Clyde – Kids n Candy. Be sure to preview the deep house treatment to Kids n Candy.



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