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Is It Love

MON001 – A.M.O.S. – Is It Love (Original Mix)

Having access to a fully functioning analog studio as a teenager, A.M.O.S. has been learning the art of music production since 1994. During that time, he invested many hours to writing, programming and recording original tracks. Growing up in a musical environment gave A.M.O.S. the opportunity to love all forms of music from Jazz and Classical to Electronic Music. “Early on I was mostly inspired by movie scores and video-game soundtracks, and this later turned into a love for the epic melodies of Trance and other forms of Electronic Music.”

Experimenting with the Ambient, Neo-Classical, and Cinematic genres gave A.M.O.S. the versatility that is needed to write compelling and ear-catching melodies. It didn’t take long for him to realize that Electronic Music was where he felt most at home. “Though I have always loved playing with various styles of song-writing and composition, I end up drawn back into the addictive and experimental nature of Dance Music. It is my goal to write tracks that have the right mixture of drive and melodic structure to get the dance floor where it needs to be.”

A.M.O.S.’ style can be categorized as Progressive with influences of Electro, Tech-House and Trance.