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Global Mixx Radio

Monophonic Records Joins Forces With Global Mixx Radio

“NO POLITIKS, JUST MUSIC”; the tagline that is starting to spread across all continents. Behind it is no other than the Global Mixx Radio, the number one station in the world for bringing you underground sounds 24/7 from the legendary New York City.

Whether you’re in the mood for a chill session with essence of the beach sound or for an after dark exquisite mix to keep you dancing after a night out, Global Mixx Radio has you covered with a careful selection of exclusive electronic music.

Since its creation, Global Mixx Radio started to change the perspective in the local scene about house music and has been introducing new artists that will one day be headlining festivals, clubs, and events world wide.

From showcasing emerging talent in Sullivan Room or Cielo NYC to being the official radio coverage of this years Detroit Movement Festival, Global Mixx Radio is truly all about the music and you.

With that said, Monophonic Records is very fortunate and privileged to announce that we will be working with Global Mixx Radio to showcase some of the emerging artists and their music from all around the world that are currently involved with the label.

Monophonic Records is a New York based independent record label catering to all aspects of electronic music. We are constantly searching for new electronic music based on clear organic, rhythmic intention with a club orientation.

Monophonic Records does not shy away from innovative and unique sound; this is exactly what the label seeks.
We are constantly looking for original and talented artists from all over the world, no matter if it’s a bedroom producer or a popular artist, good music is good music and that is that.

Be sure to visit Global Mixx Radio on the web.

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