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We Welcome Dj Sengal

We are very pleased to announce that we have added another great producer/dj to the Monophonic Records family.

It was at a very early age that Dj Sengal got to experience and hear Electronic Music. At 14 years old Sengal took the initiative to create a radio station at the school he was attending, playing music by LX-90, Urban Dreams and Underground Sound of Lisbon. This is also where he came in contact with the art of djing. Soon after starting to play at a club Kauz where he honed the dj skills for creating space, setting structure, being creative and eventually becoming a resident.

After this great start and introduction to the world of djing Sengal was asked to be the resident dj and event programmer for the night club events Zeppelin for the next 2 years. It is at this location that Dj Sengal won a prominent place for the nights of the district of Guarda. Sengal soon gained more attention and popularity from the audiences in district of Coimbra. More precisely in the following two clubs Oliveira do Hospital and La Luna, where Sengal became the resident of
the space for two years.

WIth his ambition Dj Sengal achieves another goal, to a have a radio show called Party People on the Bandarra radio with appearances by Frank Maurel, Carlos Fauvrelle, Ino, among many others. This lead to a 2 year contract with the Happy Planet agency and allowed him to play at Company (Covilha); Deep (Viseu), The Day After (Viseu), Milky Way (Viseu), Biosphere, La Luna, Disco F7; Warehouse 13, Hollywood, Look; Out Of Hours; Only Caffé, among many others.

After ceasing contract with this agency, DJ Sengal was asked to perform at two festivals, Festival Rock, Festival Zêzere and Mondego. Sengal worked together with Dj Luis Veiga (Current Noise Tribe) and Dj Simmon. At this stage, the project be accessible to all radio listeners via an online platform. For two years a resident in Inglês Club in Fundão. Subsequently, the publisher produces a festival of avant-garde multi-disciplinary character Linhares Castle titled Super Stereo Demonstration, which has the support of the Municipality of Beira lumbering and radio Bandarra. This festival featured such notable names Portable, Video Dub Connection, Body Code, Manu, Trash Converters, Milkshake, among others.

Dj Sengal was playing in Gouveia for the Snowboard World Cup, where he shared the booth with Carlos Manacá, Miss Sheila, Del Mont, Master X, among others. With the entry to the agency Extra Dj Agency, based in Coimbra. DJ Sengal performs at events like the Deep Mondego, the boat Basófias with Tó Zé Diogo and Digital Tea in Castle Montemor-o-Velho with Peter Tabuada. He also operates in areas such as Duplex (Coimbra); Via Latina (Coimbra); Vinyl Club (Coimbra); Pop Fresh (Coimbra), Vox (Coimbra); Vinyl – Summer (Figueira da Foz), Sushi (Leiria); Theater Lounge (Aveiro); Space Covilha, among many more.

Listen to Dj Sengal Mix: