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Low.tales - Majenka

Exclusive On Beatport MON008 | Low.tales – Majenka

A late night, bright lights, big city jam from Zurich duo Low.tales. Crisp highs and subdued percussives clear the space for a silky smooth guitar line while the distant keys twinkle like streetlights in raindrops. Majenka moves like the record grooves. Cue it up!

Omar & Samuel Carangelo, aka Low.tales, are two Italian cousins born and raised in Zurich Switzerland.

They grew up in a musical family, where music was encouraged and was always a part of their day. Omar began to learn the piano, and Samuel was learning the Guitar, then combining their talents and playing music before the turn of the century.

As time went on they realized that there was a strong bond between them and electronic music. Omar & Samuel decided to form a duo, Low.tales, aiming to produce a unique kind of deep house and tech house, with a hint of melody and organic expression that has always been a part of their musical upbringing.