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Heart of House, Bonny & Clyde December Podcast

Bonny & Clyde Get Featured on Heart of House

A big thank you goes out to Heart of House that have picked Bonny and Clyde as their December Podcast Series artists. A bit about Heart of House.

The explosion of the house music scene over the last few decades has introduced a new breath for the appreciation of dance music. The modern, technologically savvy world, fueled by innovators and visionaries alike, continue to raise the bar with creative genre infused styles. Yet, who is to claim the throne for this explosion… Ultimately, we owe it to each other, to embrace a feeling and strive to push that feeling on.

Heart of House, as a label, is simply a metaphor that instills the irreplaceable connection between the DJ (Booth) and the people… the heartbeat of the dance-floor, unified and responsive to each and everyone of us.

Be sure To Listen and Download this amazing podcast Bonny & Clyde (Dezember Podcast):

Hailing from the hills of Zurich, Switzerland, Stefanie Frei & Dario De Siena a.k.a. Bonny & Clyde started their DJ duo in the electronic dance scene in 2011. Sharing a common vision, Bonny & Clyde have a passion for love and honesty paired with their ambition of joint creation. Continuously reinventing themselves, Bonny & Clyde are on a quest to unveil something new, rather than treading on exhausted grounds.

Countless hours are spent developing new, creative chapters; not only in terms of musical discoveries, but through the creation of new connections within daily life and discovering innovative modulations that lead to a new style. Thus their sound, mainly Tech-House and Deep House, comes along in a much more sensitive and intense way, combined with melodious, almost pop-like elements that go straight to the heart. As active members of the Swiss clubbing movement, they are discovering the warm welcome of other underground scenes, New York City above all. Their productive path has already been discovered by Monophonic Records, 9000 Audio Records, with forthcoming releases on Mothlab Recordings in 2013.

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