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Special Announcement From Monophonic Records

As the first year passes after the launch of Monophonic Records, we take time to look back at all the special moments we had and all the new friends we have made. A big THANK YOU to all that have made this year so special, thank you to all the artists, fans, friends and partners we are truly blessed.

Everything in life evolves it is the way of nature, everything must evolve to be better. It is with great pleasure that we at Monophonic Records feel that we as all things in nature are evolving and growing for the better. We challenge ourselves and we challenge our artists to keep pushing musical boundaries. With all these efforts from everyone here at Monophonic we felt it would be best to deliver this to our fans in the most purest of forms.

It has been a life long dream in our hearts and in our artists hearts to share our creations via vinyl records, the purest of media delivery forms. Well, we are fortunate enough to make our families dream a reality. Monophonic Records starting September 2014 will be releasing limited vinyl releases.

Stay tuned for more detailed info about our first vinyl release with preview links. This one is very special!!!

Monophonic Records